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What is "Jyotisha"?

“Jyotisha” is a Sanskrit term which translates to “science of light”, meaning that the study, practice, and application of this system to one’s life will cast light on the soul’s purpose and, indeed, the person’s life direction.

Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology or Hindu Astrology) is an art-science with a history dating more than 5,000 years. Nonetheless, many find its principles as relevant and contemporary as some of our most advanced scientific thinking.

It is believed that the soul lives on after a physical ‘incarnation’ (lifetime). Depending on the soul’s purpose and spiritual achievements in a given lifetime, one or more (perhaps hundreds!) additional lifetimes may be experienced in order for the soul to achieve spiritual liberation.

The soul provides guidance to the individual during one’s life, as well as from incarnation to incarnation. It is believed that each person is born into the time, place and circumstances which allow for the successful completion of the purpose which they, as a spiritual being, have selected to work on in this lifetime. For this reason, “destiny” is a word often linked to this astrological system. However, throughout one's life, a person will exercise their “free will” choosing among the many, available paths and moving towards the realization of their soul’s purpose.

Who is "David LaGrone"?

Mr. David LaGrone was a student and recognized professional practitioner of western astrology for 25 years. During this time, he was active in both the Astrological Society of Fort Worth (ASFW) and the Dallas Astrological Association. He served as president of the ASFW in 1975.

He successfully completed the “professional” level of certification offered by the American Federation of Astrology.

Mr. LaGrone became interested in Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) in 1980. He was attracted to this system of human understanding because of its holistic approach to life. He began a serious study of the discipline in 1990.

He is a charter member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology, now the Council of Vedic Astrology.

In 1995, Mr. LaGrone gave full attention to Vedic Astrology and continues his study and practice of this system today.

He has given classes across the north Texas area; however, his practice is now focused on the area in and around Glen Rose, Texas, where he lives.

Available Services:

Mr. LaGrone offers readings and related services to those interested in gaining insight to their “life path” for this incarnation.

Reading: Structures and Strategies for Living:

We believe that a fundamental part of and, indeed, the starting place for understanding one’s life path is to understand how to optimize the use of one’s energy. Also, this knowledge will help one to know how to approach every life situation which requires a decision (choice) and make the decision which will result in optimum result based on their soul’s purpose for this life.

The Structures and Strategies for Living reading, based on a time-honored method of Vedic Astrology, provides this guidance. This reading is intended to give the client very specific information to be used for problem-solving - regardless of the type of problem or challenge the client may face.

This reading identifies the client’s specific energy structures or patterns chosen by their spirit to facilitate the successful achievement of their intended purpose. Mr. LaGrone provides specific guidance for the use of these structures; i.e., the strategies to be employed, for successful problem-solving. Alternative strategies are discussed which the client may utilize when variances in life's challenges occur - and this will happen.

This reading is recommended as the “starting place” for those who desire to have an astrological reading.

Reading - Life Path I:

Due to the amount of detail presented in the Life Path reading, it is divided into two related, but very different, readings. The first, referred to as the Life Path I reading, identifies one's purpose and probable areas of challenge in this lifetime. As this reading focuses on the beginning of one's life, there is information provided about the link between one’s past life and the skills, talents, and circumstances of this life. This is more than a ‘personality reading’. It will show the link between the spiritual aspects of the client’s nature and other spiritual forces which are thought to be working on the client’s behalf. There is a discussion of how these work in concert as spiritual guidance and intuition for the client. Furthermore, the reading assimilates these spiritual qualities with the perhaps more apparent personality characteristics. Since we believe that each person is one; i.e., an integration of spiritual and ‘physical’ being, this integrated view of oneself is important to relieving the day-to-day stresses and allows the expression of the individual’s truth and integrity of who or what they are.

This reading is intended for those persons who want to understand, to some degree, why they are here; i.e., what is their purpose, and get some idea of what they have gotten themselves into; i.e., what are the circumstances which they have created for themselves - in both a broad as well as a specific way. This reading identifies one’s strengths and weaknesses, and the areas of life which will be the most challenging. There are suggestions about how the client may capitalize on their spiritual qualities to ease the challenges of life and enhance their strengths.

This reading is independent of the Structures and Strategies for Living reading. However, it is intended that following the Structures and Strategies for Living reading with the Life Path I reading, the client will have the understanding and ‘tools’ they need which, if applied when choices must be made, they will have:

  • greater confidence about the choices they make,
  • a greater sense of satisfaction with the results of their choices,
  • a greater sense of achievment of their spirit’s purpose.

We believe that these three qualities, once experienced, will lead to an inner sense of happiness and fulfillment in their life. This does not mean that their life will be trouble-free!

During the reading the client if free to ask questions seeking clarification or insight to specific interests.

Reading: Life Path II:

This, the second part of the Life Path reading, addresses the time-dependent aspect of one’s life. It has been said that “Time was created to keep everything from happening at once.” And so we appear to experience life as a sequence of events. This is one way of defining “karma”; i.e., the choice we make as a result of some experience leads to the next experience.

It is important to note that one’s development across incarnations is intended to be evolutionary. This means that we are intended to grow as we have new experiences as opposed to not growing and becoming repetitious with our life. But, what does it mean to “grow” or “develop”? This reading provides a client-specific answer.

This reading describes the unique, evolutionary nature of one’s life as intended by their spirit (or soul) towards the fulfillment of their purpose.

The Life Path readings provide a holistic (spiritual and ‘material’ plane) view of one’s life. This includes:

  • Identifying major issues to be addressed in this lifetime and options for being successful;
  • Identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, talents, and skills;
  • Identifying timing of opportunities and challenges with options for maximizing success.

During the reading the client if free to ask questions seeking clarification or insight to specific interests.

While this reading may be obtained independent of any other reading, it is highly recommended that either the Structures and Strategies for Living or the Life Path I reading be received before this one.

Reading: Varshaphal or the “Annual Chart Reading”:

Please note that the annual chart reading is intended to cover the period from one’s birthday (plus or minus one day) to the subsequent birthday (plus or minus one day). It provides the client with a ‘roadmap’ of ups and downs for the coming year; and will highlight times of strong emphasis - opportunity or challenge, during this period. It allows the client to do some advance planning, if desired.

Personal Consultations:

Astrology-based consultations are available to address specific issues for which one may want guidance.

Pricing of Services:

Because the needs of each person differ, please contact David for pricing or to answer your questions.

Contact Information:

For additional information, an appointment or to inquire about classes, contact:

David LaGrone
Phone: (254) 898-0595
Email: dvdlagr@windstream.net

Office Hours: M-F, 9:00am - 4:00pm, (Glen Rose time). Services are provided by appointment only.

P. O. Box 2339
Glen Rose, TX 76043

© BELA & Associates, 2009 (Version 2.0)

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